Psychiatric and psychological consultations conducted in Wroclaw Center for Positive Psychotherapy take place in a friendly and safe atmosphere. The relationship between the consultant/therapist and the patient is characterized by empathy, trust, respect, and acceptance. The purposes of the consultations are:

  • to discuss the needs and expectations of a patient and his/her family,
  • to establish the diagnosis,
  • to define indications for treatment,
  • to define the most beneficial forms of treatment, if required.

Depending on the needs of the patient, the recommended therapeutic plan can be implemented in the form of comprehensive care by specialists working in the Wroclaw Center for Positive Psychotherapy. Such care includes the participation of doctors, psychologists, and psychotherapists.



We offer help to patients with emotional, mental, and psychosomatic disorders and assistance to families and couples in stressful situations.

At our Center, we use diagnostic and treatment methods derived from positive transcultural psychotherapy.

As part of this approach, we help our patients:

  • to understand the nature of symptoms and disorders in the wider context of their lives,
  • to discover the nature of internal conflicts that cause disease symptoms,
  • to identify and develop resources and skills for conflict resolution,
  • to develop new coping strategies in life

Individual psychotherapy for adults

We offer help to patients with disorders such as:

  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • somatization,
  • stress related disorders,
  • addiction,
  • sexual dusfunctions,
  • chronic pain,
  • eating disorders
indywidual psychotherapy for adults

Families and couples psychotherapy

We offer help to families and couples experiencing:
  • excessive stress,
  • acute and chronic crisis,
  • aggression and violence,
  • addiction and co-dependence,
  • mourning, bereavement,
  • dysfunctions in family structure and relationships,
  • sexual dysfunctions,
  • betrayal, etc.
families and couples psychotherapy

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